What is filtro de aceite?

What is filtro de aceite?

Filtro de aceite is a filter component of a simple and convenient device for purifying raw fluid resources and resources. Now Filtro de aceite is mainly used in air filtration, oil filtration and other filtration products.

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The whole line adopts stainless steel floor chain type, infrared heating and three spray tables. The spray gun is fully automatic spray gun imported from Germany, which is equipped with automatic powder recovery system through electrostatic adsorption. The daily output can reach up to 60000 pieces.

Continuous die system is an automatic stamping mould, with high dimensional accuracy, high processing speed, high material utilization rate and stable quality; it is suitable for mass production, easy engineering arrangement, high economy, and easy to ease the work hardening of drawing materials, and has operation safety.

The body or house is produced by automatic drawing, with high dimensional precision, fast processing speed and stable quality. It is suitable for mass production, easy engineering arrangement, high economy and operation safety.The filter element will sticker with plate hardly after heating by Hot plate plastic welding machine.

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In 2002, SEINECA Group (abbreviated as "SEINECA") was established in Rui'an city Zhejiang province,which is known as the capital of China's auto and motorcycle parts.Our production facilities have a total area of 40,000 square meters and SEINECA employs more than 350 workers Including 45 senior and secondary staff.

SEINECA has built a stable business relationships with many well-known domestic companies as well as oversea customers from 70+ countries covering 5 continents.With the goal of providing high quality products to customers at competive price, SEINECA is committed to improving its capacities in research, development, manufacturing and management.

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Why filtro de aceite needs regular maintenance?

When the filter in the system works for a period of time, the Filtro de aceite in the filter has intercepted a certain amount of polluted impurities. At this time, the pressure increases and the flow rate will gradually decrease. At this time, it is necessary to clean up the impurities in the Filtro de aceite in time. Clean Filtro de aceite.

Why filtro de aceite needs regular maintenance?

What are the advantages of our filtro de aceite?

Our filtro de aceite has excellent chemical compatibility and is suitable for filtering strong acids, alkalis and organic solvents; low differential pressure, strong dirt holding capacity and long service life; filtering out the smallest impurity particles while meeting the air intake , protect the engine; reduce noise: effectively reduce the noise when the engine sucks air; save fuel.

What are the advantages of our filtro de aceite?

What to pay attention to when cleaning filtro de aceite?

During the maintenance of the Filtro de aceite, we must take care that the Filtro de aceite is not deformed or damaged. Otherwise, it cannot be used again, so as not to affect the filtration efficiency, thereby causing damage to the entire system.

What to pay attention to when cleaning filtro de aceite?

How does filtro de aceite work?

Filtro de aceite separates solid particles in liquid or gas, or makes different material components fully contact, speeding up the reaction time, which can protect the normal work of the equipment or the cleanliness of the air. When the fluid enters the filter element with a certain size filter, the impurities blocked, and clean flow exits through the filter element.

How does filtro de aceite work?
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